Maximum throughput Pepwave Surf SOHO - 200mpbs?


So I’ve hooked a Pepwave Surf SOHO to a fiber optic connection. I did not expect to get the full gigabit out of it, but what I’m seeing is a bit low. What should I expect?

I see speed test results of about 190mpbs down on a gigabit Ethernet USB dongle.
I see speedtest results of about 45mpbs down on 5ghz WiFi.
The same test laptop gets up to mid 800’s on a similar fiber connection, with a generic Linksys router.

Do the hardware revisions of the Surf SOHO differ in maximum throughput?


According to the spec sheet the current version is capable of router throughput of 120 Mbps.

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It’s nice to see the specs, thank you.
But it runs faster and less hot than specifications. It’s not 25 Watts, and it does better than 120Mbps.
What do people get real life for both throughput and power used?


Throughput, in part depends on how much work the router has to do. How man rules has it been configured with? How many special features are you using? Peplink, as a rule, is very conservative in their bandwidth specs.

WiFi is brutally variable. Depends on the frequency band, channel, interference from neighbors, signal strength, channel width, number of streams, WiFi generation of router and client, etc.


In my case everything is at default, which is one correct way to measure throughput (and power consumption).

I know it’s unusual to have a 1000mbps WAN connection, but that I do.


My phone reported a throughput of 325 Mbps last evening, over wifi going through my SURF Soho MK3, which is connected to the ONT through a gigabit switch.

FW: 7.1.2 build 1387

My take on this is that performance ratings are generally informative, not an absolute truth and perhaps, in this case, conservative? It would be wonderful to get either an update on these numbers for MK3 and upcoming FW 8.0


I also recently switched to AT&T gigabit fiber service. When connected directly to the AT&T modem, I can consistently get over 900Mbps up/down. When I insert the Surf SOHO in between my laptop and the AT&T modem, my speeds decrease almost 10X to around 100Mbps up/down.

Is this expected for my max throughput? Any way to configure the Surf SOHO to have higher throughput? Would like to maximize my throughput.


The specs are available at SOHO specificaitons. The router throughput maxes out at 120 Mbps.

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Hi zegor-mjol, Thanks for the specs - even though the WAN port is gigabit, the throughput is rated for 120Mbps. Not much for me to change since this is a hardware limitation. Thanks.


Testing on my home fiber connection.

From a Mac with Speedtest app, through a Netgear rouer, I get close to 950 mbps.

Inserting the peplink pep wave Soho MK3 SUS-SOHO-T
drops that to about 160mbps both up and down, and it is inconsistent compared to the Netgear. That’s on Ethernet.

On 2.4 Ghz I get 70/30mbps down/up.
On 5 Ghz I get 140/ inconsistent 150 mbps.