MaxHD2 stuck on 3G

We have a fielded MaxHD2 near the Michigan Ontario border, we currently have 1 T-Mobile and 1 TELUS sim installed in the unit. What we are seeing is that the HD2 seems to always get stuck on 3G for the T-Mobile connection (Telus connects and stays on LTE fine) . I have seen it go to LTE however it seems that because the 3G is “stronger” it always defaults to this. I’ve tried to force LTE however when I do that it seems to always want to revert to 3G there it doesn’t connect

We have tried to activate “Optimal Network Discovery” and reset every 5min however this is cumbersome.

Any idea’s?

Try and screenshot the T-Mobile signal readings on both LTE and 3G, typically a drop to 3G from 4G is based on RSRQ/SINR measurements in my experience. So loads of signal on LTE but quality is poor so modem is told to drop to the higher quality 3G by the tower.

However if the LTE provides more reliable throughput than 3G even though RSRQ is low then you will likely be able to stop the drop to 3G by blocking the use of the 3G frequency on that modem.