Max700's 100% cpu with little data?

Got a problem on firmware 8.1 I think and the Peplink Cloud setup.

We are using max700 routers with a couple of usb interfsaces and the cpu is 100% even when very little data is being used. The minute we start moving data and not much either, like 15-20mbit the interface locks out and we just can’t log in. We have tried this on 3 of the units now and they all perform the same, to the point where the login window just times out for maybe 10 minutes at a time. The only way to get back into the router is to just wait until the traffic slows down which may be hours at a time.

I’m going to submit diag to support but didn’t know if anyone else has seen this issue?

Do you mean you are using SpeedFusion Cloud?

Can you share the hardware and firmware version? You should able to check at Status > Device.

Hi thanks for the reply

It is Speedfusion Cloud,
Max700 Routers
8.1.0 build 4928 firmware.

The routers appear to continue functioning as normal for the devices connected to it. It doesn’t appear to be related to the amount of devices connected but more to how much bandwidth is moving through the router. As more internet bandwidth starts to be used the interface slows down until eventually we cant get it, or if we are in we cant change page.

I have opened a ticket with support but was wondering if anyone else has seen similar, or if there’s a background task/monitor I could disable to get working for the time being.

Possible to share the hardware version? It can be found at Status > Device.

They are all HW2.

MAX 700 Hw2 is an old hardware and the SpeedFusion throughput rated at 25Mbps. So, it is expected to see high CPU load when the SpeedFusion throughput near to it’s limit.


Cheers for the reply. That’s interesting to hear about a 25Mbps throughput limit.

We see a lot more than 25Mbps on the speed fusion tunnel tests, upto 75-80Mbps in UDP and 60Mbps TCP. While the tests are active the CPU isn’t massively high and we can still control the user interface to stop the test and close the window etc, or on a new tab while the test is running we can easily bounce about the web interface.

I’m going to start a Vultr Fusion tunnel to test the Speedfusion tunnels without encryption as we cant disable that on the cloud speedfusion settings.

I would suggest opening a ticket for us to take look.

Thank you

Quick update for anyone reading.

No fix for the CPU maxing the interface out yet when the router is loaded up, but I replaced the max700’s with a newer model and we can consistently hit the 100mbit Speedfusion Cloud limit now, and cpu is sub 10%.