Max user connection Ap One 300

Dear, what is the max user connection on Ap One 300 ?


128 concurrent users.

What is the quality of transmission when more than 35 users online at the same time?
What is the quality transfer papers with 128 concurrent users?
They have a comparison chart of all Peplink AP?

Hi emartinez ,

The quality of transmission will not affected when AP transmits to users. However, it will be affected from users to AP because this will consume the resources.

Can you elaborate more for quality transfer paper?

Please find this URL link for our AP comparison.

Could you please confirm the number for us.max user connection :1. AP One mini is ; 2. AP One is ; 3. AP One 300M is ; 4. AP Pro Duo is We hope know the number that they are able to connect with Client in the situation for real usable. Please give us the number that is your proposal.Best regards

This question is for me?

No.I want to know this. and hope know more kind of AP model. I remembered peplink reply me AP One is able to connect 25 client. the number is recommend. We also hope to know what is the max number of AP One.

Please check here:

Thanks.It has been checked. Maximum Concurrent Users is 60 for everyone.