MAX USB Routers WAN Failover Configuration


We install UTM solutions in areas where the land based internet or satellite connection is not stable or of high latency but 3G/4G/LTE connections are good and reliable so we use this backup or main connections. The issue is that sometimes even the 3G/4G will drop to 2G at which point the connection will not failover because as far as the system is concerned the connection is still up. It will be great to have choice to set a minimum bandwidth at which point the connection will trigger a failover or specify a minimum BAND (example, 2G/3G/4G or AUTO)

I know that this feature is possible to select BAND on some of your routers but will be great to have it across the range. We find this to be a deal breaker when proposing Peplink for some installations. I have also seen quite a few reference to this issue going through the forum.

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Hi Abby,

Thank you for your suggestion.

The MAX router with embedded modem(s), it is able to determine the cellular service obtain (eg. 2G/3G/4G), thus you can “hardcode” it to selected band.

However in MAX router with USB WAN, the BAND selection mechanism is solely operate within the USB modem itself, not from MAX router.

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Hello WeiMing,

Thanks for the reply.

Do you know of any global USB WAN where it is possible to control the BAND?

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