Max Transit WiFi Stuck on "Connecting"

I am trying to connect to local wifi.

It was stuck on “Scanning” for a bit, and now stuck on “Connecting”. It is not a password issue as I am connected to the local wifi with five or more devices. I just updated the firmware to 8.1.2 build 5054 to see if that helped, but no luck. I have not seen a resolution to the people being stuck on Scanning either.

Under Wireless Networks it says I am connected in that I can only select the Disconnect button. I tried Auto for the Channel, but I know it is Channel 9, so I did that manually. Still no luck.

Just a weak signal issue? -68 dBm The WiFi transmitter is only 30ft away, but my Pepwave is inside with the antenna it came with.

FYI…Signal is improving and I have done nothing…

What is the upstream WiFi? Is it providing DHCP? Does it have any special DNS or captive portal/sign-on or anything like that?

Do you have control of the upstream access point? Any specific reason for channel 9? Using channel 9 you are still overlapping with neighboring channels.

Stick to 1, 6, 11. Not saying this is going to fix your problem, but its worth changing if you can. Identify the least used 1,6,11 channel and go with that.

Thanks for the insight.

I am connecting to OnSpotWiFi on the docks. It is pretty wide open and setup for easy connections. I can flip the breaker on/off, and can also call them to discuss and they will help me out. I was assuming the issue was on my end, but have not been able to figure it out. Two of the nearest connection points are Channel 9 and this other one is 11. I have been trying all of them.

Just a follow up. I opened a ticket and it was suggested I try a Factory Reset to help clear out some file that may be causing the constant “Connecting…” and that worked. I now have some DNS issues, but the Factory Reset did fix this part of my problem.