Max transit wifi client guest isolation?

Using the integrated wifi in the max transit cat18, is there an option to isolate wifi clients from eachother?

Hi Aquablue,

I do not have access to a Max Transit at the moment, but in most models you can isolate WiFi clients from eachother using the “guest protect” feature or by using “layer 2 isolation”.

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Ah – I see “Guest Protect” on the Details of the Wi-Fi AP-- Thank you!

Too tired last night I guess. I was looking for the word “isolation” and not finding it. Thanks!

Note (probably very obvious given the label block private ip): Guest protect also blocks access to the router interface from any wifi client if checked, so if you want to access the router interface from a wifi client, it looks like you have to go under dhcp and enter one device’s mac address under dhcp reservation and assign an ip, and then under guest protect exclude that ip. (or assign some devices to a vlan that is excluded from guest protection).

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