Max transit very warm to touch

My max transit is very warm when I touch it. I’m not sure if it’s too hot or operating normally. How hot is too hot and what are some of the things that might cause it to run hotter than it should?

A well ventilated MAX Transit Duo that is Busy can easily have a surface temp of 60°C ( 140 °F).
What does the temp monitor on the web ui say?

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Thanks for the reply Martin,

My Max Transit is not the duo, it just the basic max transit( purchased in the last 30 days).I was unable to find a temp monitor on the web ui. Is it possible that there is no monitor on this model. Where would I look for the temp information if it was present.

Thanks, Pat

Pat you’re right - its not on the dashboard of my Transit either perhaps thats only on the HD4.

Either way you should expect it to be warm to the touch. The cellular radios generate a lot of heat.

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Thanks for following up with me again. Your information is helpful. My max transit is warm but not excessively so. I’m just a newbie keeping a close eye on my investment.


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Hello Pat (@pjflyer),
We operate lots of the Max Transits models in some very warm conditions though out Australia and they perform very well, even when the Max Transits are in a cold environment, we always find the units operating on the warmer side to touch, this is due impart that the metal case is part of the heatsink for the circuitry within the enclosure.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

Thanks for the information. I’m sure mine is operating within normal limits. It’s just my first time using a max transit and I wanted to make sure I hadn’t done something wrong when I set it up.