Max Transit upload speeds over verizon

I use this device to livestream video (upload) and I’m finding the speed is terrible. My first attempt was with the sim as the first priority and second was wifi. I started my test stream with my encoder set to 2 Mbps. Everything was going fine and was monitoring the speeds over incontrol2 before I noticed that I had been reading ‘all WANS’. When I selected cellular only the meter peaked at 150 kbps. Using the UI of the router I disabled the wifi and the stream crashed due to the pitiful speeds.
My question is two-fold: why is the speed so terrible and why does the wifi read ‘standby’ if it is receiving bandwidth (presumably the reason why my stream was successful until I disabled the wifi?
here’s a snapshot of my speed on cell only:

The available bandwidth over verizon will be dictated by the type of modems in your Transit - how many modems you have, what their signal quality is, how far you are away from the nearest tower and what bandwidth is available / how busy the tower is.

It doesn’t sound like you are using speedfusion VPN?
If so then you are using load balancing instead where a video stream will be a single session and can only exist on one WAN at a time. So your transit was using WIFI WAN for that session and it worked, then when you disabled the wifi WAN the video stream session would have been torn down and would need to have been started again.

Did you start it again when using just cellular?

What speeds did you get when running a speedtest using just cellular?

I’m still waiting on the speedfusion license from Peplink as it comes with the Max Transit (not duo so only one modem). I usually get 25-35 down and around 2mbps up with verizon. Without speedfusion the router will not aggregate the bandwidth? Sorry for the elementary questions, still getting my feet wet.

No worries. Sounds like you should go and poke your Peplink partner in the eye for some assistance :wink:

You can load balance multiple sessions across the available WAN links on your transit, but if you only have a single session (like a video stream) and want it to use all the WANs at the same time you need bonding. Without speedfusion bonding a single session can failover between healthy WAN links, but as you have seen that is not seamless.

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