Max Transit Pro - Verizon SIM

Hi All,

I’m trying to get a verizon sim to connect using a Max Transit Pro. ATT & TMO seem to be working fine, but no luck yet with VZN. I took the SIM out of a Max Transit DUO so I know it is activated.

I’ve tried both modems same results. Also tried setting the network mode to “Auto” and “Verizon”. APN is detected as vzwinternet.

Any ideas?

Thank you in advance,

Is this the dual cat-12 global version?
I’m having same issue if so.
Been working with Verizon for a few weeks on this.

The IMEI numbers of the Quectel EM12-G CAT12 cards have not been registered with Verizon’s Device Management Database so the network won’t let them on in our case.

I my experience the issue is far more likely to be one with Verizon than Peplink. However, in this case I’d submit a ticket and let Peplink address the issue.

USA cellular carriers – generating frustration for users every day …

Thank you. I’ll submit a ticket.

@kevinp I have a dual modem with Cat 7 & Cat 12. I think it is called the North America version.

This was user error. I have to use a different APN from what is auto detected. TRACFONE.VZWENTP is the value I use. Not really sure why, but that is the case.

Thank you to Peplink support for the help.


@paulbfelix The Cat7 + Cat12 one should work with Verizon from what I understand.

@Rick-DC OK, submitted.
I have 36 of these frustrations so I hope it works :confused: