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I landed on peplink’s homepage while looking for optimal Internet connectivity solutions for our campervan.
Our requirement is to have the fastest and longest range connectivity on 3g/4g (and if possible with some future-proofing for 5g). At the same time, we want bonding on to WiFi hotspots (WiFi as WAN) either open or encrypted.
For what I read, the MAX Transit seems the right product, but I would like to read the documentation to verify all small details.
I could only find links to the data sheet (, where can I find the configuration manual?
I am also interested if there are special requirements for the antenna being used. Do I need to use peplink own or I can use a third party antenna?


Welcome to the forums! The manual is shared across multiple product lines…

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In general, the equipment is agnostic to the antenna(s) connected – so long as the connectors are of the right type and the design of the antennas is consistent with the frequencies used by the router. Having said that, some antennas are certainly better than others and the designs vary widely. Peplink sells some excellent antennas as do others. And, the OEM antennas are perfectly fine for many purposes.

Thanks!, that is great news, it gives me the choice of mounting the best antenna(s) for the van requirements!

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