Max Transit not showing as available network

My Max Transit, one week old, is not producing a sustained network to identify and log into. It shows for about a minute after a factory reboot (using a paper clip on the front of the Max Transit - 20 second reset) then it goes away. It is on line and connected to cellular and local WANs. None of my devices can see the Pepwave signal. Any ideas?

Do you use InControl to manage the Transit?
If so, is your WiFi turned ON in InControl?
It could be that InControl updates your router after the factory reset.

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Thanks Erik, no the WIFI button you show is on and turning it off and back on is of no help either.

What do you see on the web admin interface of the Transit itself?
Is the Wi-Fi AP set to ON and do you see any configured SSID’s ?
Can you share some screenshots?

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Fixed. Thanks Erik. No configured SSID.