Max Transit Mini - Will not connect via WiFi - Problem Manifested in last 30 Days

We are a public safety provider of computers. We use the Max Transit Mini exclusively in our deployments. We update out modems to the latest firmware available at the time of installation. We have approximately 700 units deployed. Approximately 30 days ago we started having an issue at the point of install where we cannot get our computers to connect to the Transit mini via WiFi with consistency. It appears to try and connect then displays a message of “cannot connect to this network”. If we try multiple times and restart the computer, eventually we can get it to connect which makes the problem even more elusive. In some cases it takes 30 minutes to an hour of trying and restarting the machine to make it work. We are running an Intel 10th generation processor and an Intel WiFi 6 chipset.

I tried to upload a video of the situation, however it will not allow it on this board.

Any help is appreciated!

With 700 units deployed you should get on to your Peplink partner and make this an urgent matter for them. You should also log a support ticket with Peplink engineering to take a closer look at the diagnostic files on the Transits to see what is happening.

I have seen fussy situations recently with lan devices looking for WPA3 and not connecting to a WPA2/WPA3 SSID but nothing else stands out as a known issue to me.