My use case is a camper van setup:

  • Use Cellular and WiFi WLAN to connect to the Internet.
  • Use WiFi access point function to broadcast a WiFi signal INSIDE the van.

I am really confused how the WLAN-WiFi and AP-WiFi work on this (as well as other) MAX routers.

  • The WLAN WiFi apparently gets picked up through the external antenna connector.
  • Is there a separate internal antenna for the AP WiFi signal, or does it get sent through the external antenna connector?

There is only one WiFi antenna connector on the Mini, and it will be connected to a Poynting antenna on the (metal) roof of my van, along with the (2) LTE and (1) GPS antennas.

If the Mini uses the same antenna to send the AP WiFi signal, that would make it tough to receive the WiFi signal INSIDE the van.

I would appreciate any and all clarifications!

Get a second device, a WiFi access point, to broadcast the WiFi signal inside the van. A cheap $50 AP should do the trick.