MAX Transit Mini PRM FirstNet Issues


I opened a ticket with Peplink but I would like to engage the community to hear if they have any suggestions.

I am using a Max Transit Mini FirstNet certified with PrimeCare. The Unit seems to show connected to FirstNet but sits and spins on the “obtaining IP.” I let this unit sit for a few hours with no luck. I have verified the APN info is correct. I also verified with my FirstNet rep that the IMEI and ICCID are correct on their end.

Any tips?


Hi Dave, this can sometimes be a firmware related issue. Are you up to date on 8.1.0?

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Thanks for responding!

Yeah, I manually updated it to the latest.

I did notice, I cannot activate the WAN port or enable WiFi as WAN to even get it into incontrol2. Due to the unit being PrimeCare it should have that unlocked. But possibly it needs to reach out to some server first to get those permissions?

Hi Dave, yes it needs to ‘phone home’ to Incontrol2 before those features are activated.

This sounds to me like the IMEI/ICCID are not actually activated yet. Do you have another device you could pop the SIM into to see if it can connect?


Yes, so I verified with my FN rep a few times that the ICCID/IMEI are accurate and online.

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