Max Transit GPS data to GPSWOX is working.


GPSWOX has a free single device personal account. But they mainly do dedicated trackers. Their sales team says it will work, but only say to use TAIP on a certain port. Of course no info on how the GPSWox side gets setup. Their main setup is the IMEI probably not going to work with my Max, Their help files don’t address using device that can send the sentences like our Max devices. -Bill

I think I have a free GPSWOX account working with my Max Transit. Took me way to long to make this work, their support team was absolutely no help at all. Really kind of worse than that. They kept telling me to read the Pepwave manual. All I kept asking was how do I set up a custom tracker on their system, what are the settings your system expects, so I can set up my system to send what yours requires. I knew how to send the sentences but I did not know what protocol, ports, gps format or sentence type they required on their side to ingest it. (they don’t appear to know that either based on their email responses)
Here is what I did. Create a Personal Free account. Picked their US Server
Created an Object in gpswox, the important part here is under the Device IMEI/Tracker ID is to put an ID in there. I made one up, the Max TAIP ID field is limited to 4 characters, so that is all I could use. Letters and Numbers. Not sure if they are case sensitive. So be aware. And remember it. I tried to add a second entry to the Max and it wiped the ID and GPSWOX lost contact. (red dot appeared)
In the Max I used their US IP address as, port is 6031 TCP
The GPS format is TAIP, the sentence type that appears to be working is PV.
My object has a Yellow light next to it (ACK) I was hoping it would turn Green, but it has not in the last 12 hours. But if I change anything on the Max, that light goes Red, so something is getting to them. Support finally acknowledged that Yellow light just means the Trac
On the Max I opened an outbound policy Source Any, Dest their IP, protocol TCP any. Once I have verified all is really working I will disable that rule to see if its needed. -Bill