Max Transit Duo with Verizon MiFi Plan

I’m trying to get a Verizon Sim working with a new Max Transit Duo. It connects to verizon, gets an IP address, but when I try to visit any other site but google I get asked to verify my connection. Clicking the verify button results in verizon tell me I’ve already activated the SIM but then if I try to go to another site I get the same activation page. Are their any advanced settings like TTL and such that I should try? I tried a TTL value of 65 but then I stopped even getting the verify prompt.

I checked my IMEI number with verison and they say my device is supported. Could it be just that the MiFi plan I have isn’t supported?


We have found that Verizon technical support can be very helpful (assuming that the plan supports devices such as the Transit Duo). Just give them a call, tell them that you are having problems with a “connected device” (which seems to be their term for routers (and other non-phone equipment), and they may be able to perform back-office DB updates to get things working. It may take a few days, of course.

W.r.t. the TTL, you may give setting it to 64 a shot.



I have multiple Verizon SIMs installed/used in my CAT-18 & Sierra Wirless device… When I activated the 1st one over a year ago I had all sort of issues. I was able to contact 2nd level support (800 256-4686) and they worked some reset magic on that one to bring it to life. Call 2nd level support direct as 1st level support will eventually refer your there.
I subsequently acquired additional data only SIMs for use in both the CAT-18 & the Sierra Wireless devices I use. The installation & activation of these SIMs was without any issues utilizing the default setting on the devices. I was also advised the SIMs were interchangeable with the devices. Not withstanding the SIM size.
Good luck.