Max transit duo with ATT sim and external Tmobile router speed issues on speedfusion.

When I use speed fusion - sees around 9Mbps max. I switch off speedfusion and use ATT - I see 20Mbps. Tmobile - nearly the same. My phone going staight to ATT sees 100+ download. Does speedfusion slow things down that much? Also - speedfusion shows lots of dropped packets on the individual feeds (none of course on the overall). I don’ t have extra features in speedfusion turned on. Redundancy off, FEC off. Buffer 25ms - is that too short? Policy: Bonding. Priority 1 on both lines.

There is a bit of overhead, especially encrypting the traffic.

For speed/throughput use outbound policy weighted balance 1:1 instead of SpeedFusion

For reliability use SpeedFusion - it adds a 64byte / 19% overhead to encapsulate the packets. I’ve never had good luck using that buffer setting, better to let the algorithm do what it does by default in my experience.

I also notice with speedfision, lots of lost packets, as if the router is pushing data “way too hard“ down both paths.

We see similar issues using with dual ATT or T-Mobile sim cards.

In our experience there can be severe drop in throughput based on the SpeedFusion Cloud location.
(we use the routers speed test – “Status | SpeedFusion – Upload – but this issue also seen with
For our live streaming app – this is un-usable situation – so we are pretty aware & concerned.

Opened a trouble ticket on this… did not get any resolution.

We have seen the most trouble when SpeedFusion Cloud location is Kansas City… (SFC-MKC)
Our router/systems are located on West coast or East coast of USA.
When we switch to any other cloud location (anywhere in the world) – network upload speeds are as expected given the cell network & our location
We can switch back to SPC-MKC and problem returns…

Running Firmware 8.1.3 – regular Bonding.
I switched one of our units to Firmware 8.2.0 – same issue.

Version 8.2.0 – now makes displays recommend SFC locations based on ping times.
Maybe this is good guidance……

Switching to Dynamic Weighted Bonding – Does not improve this problem for us.

Does not matter if we split cell carriers - use one ATT sim card and the other T-Mobile sim card.

Not sure if all this is helpful…. But hope so…