MAX TRANSIT DUO will not reset

I have tried doing a soft reset to fix my password with no luck. I just did a hard reset to go back to factory settings and still can’t get in?

Hmmm. Should work. Using your favorite sophisticated reset tool (e.g., a paperclip) stick it in there until you feel a slight “click” as the microswitch is depressed. Hold it there for a good 20 seconds.

If the device is managed under IC2, please check and make sure the “Device Web Admin and CLI Management” is not enabled in IC2. After you reset the device and when the device online again in IC2, the default password will be overwritten again.

Adding to what @sitloongs said: If you can’t get to IC2 and there is a possibility that the device has been managed via IC2 (perhaps by a previous owner), you may dsconenct the device from all WANs, remove the SIM or disconnect the antennas, and try the reset again. It could be that IC2 is over-writing your config. If hat’s the case you will want to turn off the IC2 communications from the router once you “get in.”

Let us know what happens please.