MAX Transit Duo to Duo all the Things?!

Hello! I’m new here and new to all this tech. If you have links or articles to point me to, I’d greatly appreciate it. My wife and I sold our house and bought a travel trailer and are planning our first 6-week remote work trip. I’m trying to determine the best setup for us as we start this journey.

My goals are to have:

  • The fastest speeds possible with low latency (video conference, file transfer, stock/crypto trading).

  • Access to streaming services (Netflix, etc.) and remote media (Plex Server).

  • An always-available signal when traveling/staying in more remote areas.

  • Ability to share my connection (via WiFi) with nearby homes/trailers.

I just got my MAX Transit Duo and purchased ATT and T-Mobile plans, and I’m still shopping for Verizon/Visible and Google Fi plans. I fuddled around and got the unit set up and I’m able to connect to it fine. Here are my questions:

  1. What equipment do I need to achieve the above goals? I’m reading about additional AP’s, antennas, a device stationed permanently in a home or office, but having trouble making sense of it for my needs.

  2. Does an external 7-in-1 antenna make a big difference in speeds and/or access? What external antenna should I get if I plan to visit mostly campgrounds with hookups in the Western United States? What if we started boondocking instead? And, if I do get an antenna, does that mean I should also get another AP for inside the trailer?

  3. Is the Speed Fusion Cloud for me? I think I set it up, but not really noticing a difference or if I need to configure it further. Is this the same thing as bonding? Is there a way for me to get a bonded connection when traveling? Do I need additional hardware/software to set this up?

  4. I currently have ATT sim in modem 1 and T-mobile sim in modem 2. I plan to fill the other sim slots as well for maximum coverage. What would be the ideal configuration for these sims? Highest to lowest capacity vs. best to worst signal? Or will the fastest/best signal sim be chosen in all cases when connected to the router?

  5. This thing is running HOT. Though I’ve noticed a lot of plugs and blocks connected to my AC outlets running hot. Should I be concerned?

Thanks for your time and input on these! Can’t wait to hit the road with this puppy!