Max Transit Duo Switching Between LTE and LTE-A

I have a new Duo. I loaded up 2 SIMs and they both work fine. I noticed that that neither modem will hold LTE-A for very long. Every minute or so they bounce around.

I also have a Max Transit with the CAT18 in this same location, and it holds LTE-A with no problem.

Any ideas?

With 2 additional antennas on the CAT18 you will have better antenna performance. Possibly also additional bands supported by the CAT18 are providing strong signal,T-mobileā€¦?

I notice the same thing with a CAT18 device connected to AT&T it will change from time to time. fluctuating throughout day between 2-4 bands carrier aggregation.

Have you looked at the inControl WAN Quality Reports? When LTE-A is active how do strength & quality look in those charts when you mouse over them?

If you are just using the included antennas on the Duo you could probably maintain LTE-A with external directional antennas in a better placement (roof/mast).