Max Transit Duo suddenly can't obtain IP address

I am in Turkey using my MTD with a Turkcell data-only SIM card. All has been working fine for 8 months. A few days ago, we had a power outage, and when the power came back on, the router could not reconnect to the SIM card. I get the messages that it is connecting, then it shows the blue bars of signal, the words obtaining IP address followed by two little purplish boxes. One says 3G and the other says R followed by a solid triangle. The circle keeps spinning and it never connects.

What has changed? When I log in to my Turkcell account on my phone, it shows there is over 130 GB of data on the card, and the card works fine when inserted into my phone.

Any help would be appreciated.


Were you only getting 3G before the power outage? Also the triangle means the device is roaming, was this also the case prior to the power outage?

Have you tried power cycling the router off for 30 seconds and then rebooting it to see if that would fix your signal/roaming issue and possibly get the device to reconnect?