Max Transit Duo - POE Power

We are looking at how to add the option to deliver power and data to the unit when mounted in a case via a single cable.

I have used products from Tycon in the past for similar applications but was curious if anybody had a specific part / vendor they had used that worked well?

Essentially I’m thinking of something like this:

802.3af/at Switch Port → Data Cable → POE Splitter → Ethernet Data to LAN or WAN of TST, standard barrel or terminal block to deliver 24/48v power to TST.


Hi @WillJones

These do look like an Awsome additional to a Pepwave install!
I think the POE-SPLT-4812G version would work nicely.

I have used PoE splitters like the following in the past but the one thing I did was switched the PSU form 12V to 24V to overcome the slight voltage drop over the ethernet cable

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Yeah the POE-SPLT-4812G was the version I have used before and will probably try here, they’re not cheap for what they are but the Tycon bits I have used in the past haev been of good quality and never given me any trouble.

I’ve used passive splitters in the past but being honest I am not a fan of passive POE of any flavour vs proper standard compliant injectors / switches. Other advantage of using 802.3af/at is there should be no troubles if I ever needed to run this over 100m of etherent cable :slight_smile:

I did also find these from POE Texas, I have used some of their other products to deliver power+data to tablet devices in the past with good results so might grab one of these for testing too:


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