Max Transit Duo Password

Our router all of a sudden seems to have been reset. Our SSID is back to the Pepwave default and we cannot log on to the IP address of the router.

Via another network connection, I am able to log into and view the information for the router.

Is there a default password that is given when Peplink routers are sent out?

If you have a Max device the defaults are admin / admin.

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Admin passwords can also be managed from InControl2.
Please check under the group level settings that you haven’t enabled “Device Web Admin Management”

You can also change the local admin password by using remote web admin in InControl2 to access the device and then change the password user the system tab.

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Not the password. The password when connecting to your wifi from the wifi icon in the lower right hand corner. The SSID is pepwave-6879, which is not the SSID I originally set it for. I’m trying my password that I originally set and it reads “can’t connect to network”.

The default SSID password is the last 8 characters of the LAN MAC address.
E.g. if the MAC address is A1:B2:C3:D4:A1:B2 the the SSID password would be C3D4A1B2

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The information I gave you is the router’s default admin credentials and I do believe it is correct. You cannot get into the router via ethernet and then see the GUI which will tell you the wi-fi PW?

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That’s what I needed. Thanks a bunch.