MAX Transit Duo in Western Europe?

Will the max transit duo work in Western European countries?

I currently have AT&T And Verizon SiMS for USA connectivity. I’m curious if there are any recommendations for how to setup the max transit duo while in Europe to get high speed internet while RV’ing.

Thx in advance for your help

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yes and no…

A US LTE model has very few (if any) supported LTE frequency bands that overlap with the ones employed in Europe (see LTE bands). On the other hand, the LTE-A models work in Europe just fine (at least in my experience based on using a BR1 LTE-A). For the complete story, check the specs of the MAX model w.r.t. the bands supported.

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Hi Smith,

in europe, the most used bands are:
1, 4, 7 and 20 (most important in rural areas)

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Hi Smith,

Peplink has several devices which are designed to support European bands. You may check the datasheet (page 3) here to find the most suitable: MAX Transit Duo Datasheet

I just want to thank everyone for the replies. It is so extremely helpful. Based on all your input, it seems the max transit duo pro router I have will work just fine for the bands that are most commonly used. I am interested next in figuring out the best SIM cards to load it with but I’ll create a separate post with that question. Thanks again everyone