MAX Transit Duo - How to bond sims?

I have a new Max Transit Duo with two SIM cards.
How do I create a bonded connection?
SpeedFusion says I need two devices…
I was under the impression that one can bond the two sim connections in the device.

Speedfusion VPN is a point to point VPN technology. With a single Max Transit Duo you have two options that don’t involve buying additional hardware.

You can use Speedfusion Cloud - which is Peplinks Speedfusion Hosting service or you can host a free to license virtual appliance in the cloud yourself.

I would recommend you start with Speedfusion Cloud

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Thanks Martin.

I have purchased the $20 plan. Is there a Dummies Guide for setting up SpeedFusion Cloud?
I don’t know if I am missing something.

Hi @lize,

Please make sure that you are running at least 8.1.0 firmware. Navigate to SpeedFusion Cloud tab, press choose cloud location button, select location to your liking, press the green save button to save your selected locations profile. After saving it, you can edit it by pressing on the profile name or press apply changes button so the profile would be saved. By default created profile should have all interfaces set to priority 1 which is bonding.

I thought I had bonding setup but not certain. Currently only have access via InCintrol2. Can I verify it is set up? If not, can I set it up in InControl2 or do I need to be on the internal LAN (