Max Transit Duo heat

We have our M.T.D. connected on 12v DC in our Airstream trailer, and have found it to run constantly VERY hot, barely able to touch. In attempts to mitigate this, I mounted the unit with velcro on its side to maximize cooling to greater surface area. Shouldn’t there be an interior fan to assist in this?

If you are direct-connect using the terminal port, it will run hot since the MTD has to dissipate excess heat from the terminal port. The MTD will run at from 12v to 56v. Mine runs cooler when I wire it using the barrel plug power port - 12v, providing 1.5a based on the MTD wattage requirement, 18w. Otherwise, get a cheap radiator or fan to help dissipate some heat.

or this…

I use a couple of these Heat Sink tie wrapped to my Cat-18 MT. Works great to dissipate the heat and two fit perfectly. I found I didn’t need to heat transfer paste. I installed a small fan just a bit from the fins pulling the hot air from them. That’

s not really needed, but I’m a belt and suspenders kind of guy.

what is the actual temperature? is it above the max operating temperature peplink publishes? hot to touch is subjective.

112-114°F. at time of infrared check. I’m not sure of the device’s accuracy.

Thanks! I’ve ordered these.