Max Transit Duo - Hardwire adapter

Will someone please provide a link to the proper adapter to hardware my Max Transit Duo to a dedicated 20amp circuit in my RV? The specs to find an adapter are good, but a link to an actual adapter that I can buy is better. Thank you.

As in from a breaker or fuse board right? Guess it all depends on your fit / finish distance from the supply.
Personally I would use 14AWG cable throughout. And - ignorant of your installation capabilities as I am, suggest this to go from 20amp source to provide an inline fuse and an industry standard SAE connector:

Then this to go from the SAE connector to the Tranist:

But all you really need is a good quality cable between the power source and the green terminal block on the transit with an inline fuse @ 5A to be safe.

Thank you Martin.
To give you some more perspective, I have been using a WifiRanger GoAC router in my RV for about a year. I had a 20amp circuit run from the fuse panel to the equipment closet just for this router - it is currently hardwired to the circuit with their hardwire adapter.
I’m going to continue using this hardwired power input for my WifiRanger EliteAC antenna that will be a WAN input to the Peplink MTD (since the POE injector adapter they provide uses the same barrel plug).
I want to tie into the same circuit with the Peplink with a similar transform/adapter and am looking for this. I also have USB outlets to use for the USB-C 2amp inputs to the Peplink BUT I want this to be a backup, using the hardwired solution to the Peplink terminal block.
I hope this makes it more clear - I should have explained more in the first place.

This is what I have now. It will power the Elite AC antenna.

Understood, but just to be sure is the 20AMP circuit AC mains voltage or 12/24V DC voltage?

Looking at the image above it looks like a Mean Well RSD-30 30W Isolated DC-DC Converter. Which is a chassis mount unit and supports 9 → 36 V DC in, and provides 24V DC out and is often used for railway applications.

You could just buy another one of those. They are About 29USD and it would power the transit fine.

Yes Martin. It is DC.
I’ve converted nearly everything in my RV to 12v.
This, like I mentioned, currently powers my WifiRanger router.
Thanks for the info about the converter.

Do you think I could power both the Peplink and the WifiRanger antenna (via a POE) injector with only one of these. Peplink MTD is 18W, WifiRanger is 11W, totalling 29W. The output capacity for this converter is 30W.

Could I double up the output terminals? I’m lame when it comes to power options.

Or a barrel plug splitter - 1 in, 2 out?

Yes I do. Buy a heavy duty 2.1mm DC extension cable, chop the female end off and attached the wires to the terminals where the current 2.1mm DC plug is connected.

But check polarity with a multi-meter, make sure the pin is positive and the barrel negative - then you’ll be fine.

I’ll give it a try.
I may just plug a 2.1mm pigtail into the existing barrel attached (I know the polarity is currently correct since I use this for the GoAC router). I have a multi-meter if I go to the splicing suggestion.

Thank you.

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