MAX Transit Duo DC input range


I have a MAX Transit Duo and I’d like to run this directly from a 12V battery. The spec sheet lists the input voltage range as 12-48VDC. I plan to include a low voltage disconnect device inline with the unit, which will disconnect when the battery voltage drops below 10V. Will this router model run in the voltage range 10-12VDC?




Please find the recommended power input for Max Transit.


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Thanks for that. Unfortunately, that doesn’t really really answer my question. If when using the 12V input on the router, will it still operate slightly below this voltage? I.e. 10/11VDC?




Hi Linden,

We have 1.5V tolerance this means that the Max Transit Duo can work properly at 10.5V. Any input voltage under 10.5V is not guarantee.



Hello @linden,
There is another option to power the MAX Transit using a 5 Volt USB supply, on the router under the green multi-function connection is two USB sockets. For the Max Transit to work best you need to power both, these each require 2A (well that is what it has written on it), though I have powered up our MAX Transit DUO that we have here with a single 5V USB standard USB2 connection successfully from my laptop (not the high powered port, just the standard port).

The power options are very diverse with the MAX Transit as touched on by @TK_Liew & @Antony_Chong
We like the unit as you can have dual power supply options on the router, this gives you enterprise power redundancy options for critical installations, have a look at this post, we really like these here in Australia

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