Max Transit Duo Cat 12/16 for sale?

Does anyone know of a seller with A Max Transit Duo Cat 16 (MAX-TST-DUO-LTEA-R-T-PRM) for sale?

I ordered one a month ago from a vendor but they keep pushing back delivery dates and now I am in a jam just sitting at the dock waiting for them to ship.

Hi Robert. Welcome to the Forum!
Please check with the vendor as to when they expect to ship as they will be aware of when they are expecting their incoming stock.

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Thanks Sam!

My mistake you are correct I realized I had ordered the CAT 12 though I don’t really have a strong opinion but reading here it seems like the CAT 12 may be better than the CAT 16 for compatibility.

Yes I have been in constant contact at this point it’s expected they will get it on 10/7 and likely I will get it 10/8.

I am hoping I can find someone that has it in stock and that I can get it shipped as I was scheduled to leave the Marina on 10/5/20.

Are there compatibility concerns with both CAT 16 and 18? I thought issues were limited to CAT 17?

I am not sure other than reading that T-Mobile was having issues.

Hi Robert, did you manage to locate a router? I have an ex demo CAT 12 global Transit Duo available but the earliest I could have it to you is probably Wednesday/Thursday 7th/8th October that’s if you’re in the UK?

Thanks Justin, That is approx when my US supplier thinks they can get it here as well.

So I am not sure it makes sense.

Hi Robert, we have MAX-TST-DUO-LTEA-K-T-PRM Global /CAT-12 in stock, but we can’t ship today anymore

No worries if you get stuck just drop the office a call on Monday +44 (0) 2392 247 920 and we’ll see what we can do.