Max Transit Duo bogging down entire network

Hello. We just deployed 10 max transit duos into remote video broadcast kits. When we connect local internet into the duo, it will take a 300/300 connection and slow it to 40/30. The strangest part is when we connect it (Duo) to a switch and plug the internet line into the switch, it will gives us the same slow results at end machines. Here’s where it gets super strange… if we disconnect the Duo from the switch, the speeds go back to where they should be. We need some quick answers on this so hopefully someone will chime in soon. Many thanks!

@loftdweller welcome to the forums. Could your outbound policy be splitting the sessions between the newly connected local internet in an odd way and slowing things down? How does your outbound policy read?

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Hello @loftdweller,
Where are you based, have you reached out to your local Peplink Partner for help or to the company that sold you the routers?
As mentioned by @Legionetz, outbound policies can have an impact as can other rules and process within.
It may also worthwhile raising a Peplink Suppor ticket and then posting for reference your ticket number back here in the forum.
There a many Peplink Partners with substantial broadcasting experience here in the forum.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

So this is when you connect the Duo (with active cellular connectivity too I assume?) to the local internet connection?

  • How are you measuring speeds?
  • Whats on the LAN of the Duo is it a single device?

Suspect this is caused by outbound policy issue as you don’t mention Speedfusion. Try setting outbound policy to send all traffic via the WAN do you see full speeds then?

What are you doing here? Are you plugging the transit LAN into the swich and the ISP lan into the same switch? If so any device that got a DHCP IP from the tranist will still be sending its traffic via the transit.

Makes sense as all traffic is now going via the ISP router.

If you connect a laptop to the tranist Duo (with nothing on its WAN - just cellular) do you get 40/30?

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Has there been any resolution to this issue?

We have a Max Transit Duo on our system and are experiencing the same observed behavior.

@Max_DePiro, please contact your point of purchase to get help. They should able to help to rule out which part is giving the problem.