MAX Transit crash often and CPU > 100%


we use Pepwave MAX Transit with ContentHub in our busses and railways.
Often they crash and we have them to restart manual and give them our config again. We also note that the CPU works on a 100%-Level.
If we turn the 2,4 ghz wlan off, then they work on a lower capacity. But we need it.

You should definitely get your partner involved to assist with troubleshooting - it’s what they are there for.

You should log a ticket with Peplink engineering too. What firmware version are you using?


Current firmware version: 8.0.2.

Maybe the problem is because of the multiple moves between the connections. When our railways change from underground to street-level. We loose the data underground and the system is hardly searching for a connection. So the CPU is > 100% and crush itself.

Or we have a wrong setting in our configuration.

Where in the world are you? I’d be happy to look at the config for you to see if there is anything obvious. Access to IC2 event logs would be useful too. What events do you see leading up to a restart?