Max Transit Cat 18 WiFi AP Broadcasting

My Pepwave max transit 18 is very unstable regarding broadcasting my 2 WiFi AP’s. I have 1 on 5.2 ghz and one on 2.5 ghz but it’s very random on what it will broadcast. Sometime I’ll see both and sometimes just the 2.4 or the 5.0. I have checked this on2 laptops and my desktop pc and I’m getting the same issues.

If you are using WIFI WAN then disable those and see if your internal WIFI shows back up. Several tickets in for this same issue (including me). I recently just bought a ubiquiti AP and shut of the internal WIFI on the max transit.

@cliff, you may fix a channel for 2.4GHz and 5GHz to confirm it helps. Please take note, WIFI AP’s channel always follow the channel of WIFI WAN (if you are using WIFI WAN) even you fix it in WIFI AP. This is due to the WIFI AP and WIFI WAN are using the same radio. If fixing WIFI channel doesn’t help, I suggest contacting your point of purchase to get a technical assistance. A further WIFI diagnosis is needed for your case to find out the root cause.