Max Transit Cat 18 Boot up problem

I just installed a Max Transit Cat 18 unit (serial number 2937-DDA9-B143) on our boat and it was working great. We’re using one cellular LTE sim card.

I wanted to check how much power the unit was using, so I unplugged the unit from the AC socket, waited a few seconds, and then plugged it back in. The cellular light never came on and the Status light stayed at solid red. After waiting about 5 minutes, I unplugged the power cord from the unit itself, waited 30 seconds, and plugged it back in. The cellular light still would not come on and the Status light stayed solid red. I finally turned off the AC inverter (leaving everything plugged in) and then turned the AC inverter back on. The cellular light came on and the unit booted up normally.

Do you have any thoughts on why unplugging and plugging in the power cord could cause the unit to freeze out the cellular connection, causing normal boot up to fail?

I was able to get a 4G signal on my phone at the same time the Transit was showing no cellular reception.



May i know this is reproduce-able each time you do the same ? Would you able to share us the photo/video in how you power the device ? Would you able to clarify more for the AC inverter that you mentioned ?

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The AC inverter is a Prosine/Xantrex 1800 unit that produces a pure sine wave 120v output at 60 hz from a 12v battery system. The inverter is activated by flipping a rocker switch on a control panel. But the problem is sporadic and isn’t reliably reproducible. In fact, the problem happened one time today when I switched the AC power on for the entire boat (with the router power code already plugged in). The status light stayed red and the cellular light did not come on.

The three ways I can power up the router are: (1) Flip the AC inverter rocker switch to on (while router’s AC power cable is already plugged in); (2) Plug the router’s AC power plug into the AC socket (while boat’s AC power is already on and other end of AC plug is already inserted into the router); (3) Plug the router end of the AC plug into the router (while the boat’s AC power is already in and the socket end of the router plug is already plugged in). it is quite baffling why the router doesn’t boot up – and this has now happened with all three possible ways to start up the unit.

Please refer here. MAX Transit needs a consistent power input with 12V, 2A to operate well. Possible to look for an electrician to check the power there?