Max Transit 5G working on Verizon @ 5G!

I applied the Max Transit 5G centric update to 8.1.2, and now I connect to Verizon at 5G. So far I’ve verified 5G with T-Mobile (100Gb, 55/month plan) and now Verizon (30Gb Tablet plan add-on to my phone account)

I’ll try my AT&T SIM (100Gb pre-paid) a bit later today and report back. Two out of three ain’t bad, as they say.

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ive tried with 3 att sims nothing i cant even get LTE

same, no love with my ATT SIM :confused:

Just got 2 of my ATT sims working in my new 5G MBX. Haven’t seen 5G, but I have LTE.

OH?!?!? Do tell! Which plan?

AT&T business unlimited with 5G active, but it is only connecting to LTE so far. I don’t think it is fully certified yet for 5G.