Max Transit 5G /TMobile 5G SIM - No Internet stuck on Resetting

I have a Max Transit 5G that just arrived. I inserted my T Mobile 5G SIM that has a static ip turned on. I insert the SIM into this new Max Transit 5G, installed all 4 cellular antennas and the 2 WiFI antennas, connect an ethernet cable to LAN port from my Laptop and powered it on. It will not obtain a cellular connection or register with T-Mobile.

When I webgui into the device, Cellular says initializing after first booting up then switches to “resetting” after a few minutes and just sits there saying that for hours. Never gets a connection. I have applied the correct APN from T-Mobile (b2b.static) to the APN field. I have powered cycled the device multiple times with the same result. I tried the SIM in Slot B as well, same result.

It does show the IMSI and ICCID numbers so its recognizing the SIM… Its not a cellular signal issue as far as I can tell, I had a different device I was using with a T-Mobile 5G sim that connected in this same spot with over 200Mbps download speed…

Any suggestions or help? I already when to T-Mobile support and they said everything is setup correctly, the only setting I should be changing is the APN to b2b.static since I have a static IP. They said it is not even registering on T-Mobile network and I should contact Peplink about the device…

Well just to update this and bring it to a close. I opened a support ticket in my partner portal and Peplink engineer remotely connected to the device last night. They said the unit is DOA, the cellular modem is faulty out of the box and thats why its just saying resetting.

I have a second brand new Max Transit 5G sitting here. I opened that this morning, put my T-Mobile SIM card in it that has a static IP enabled and sure enough, it connected to 5G no problem and set my static WAN IP after changing the APN to B2B.static as instructed by T-Mobile. Peplink has a new unit heading my way for the bad one.

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