Max Transit 5G Max Throughput?

So I have a Max Transit 5G NFR here in the shop for testing with T-Mobile 5G SIM and T-Mobile static IP… APN set to b2b.static as instructed by T-Mobile for static IP. Works great, no issues, says connected to T-Mobile 5G full signal.

Ive tested it with the screw on antennas that come with the Max Transit 5G and a Poynting A-XPOL-0001-V2-41 external antenna. I get the same speeds with either antenna setup.

The issue Im having is max download speed. Im using from both my HP laptop and Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G to test download speeds through the Max Transit 5G. When I connect my laptop or S20 5G to the Max Transit5G’s WiFi, I only get between 101-130 Mbps download speed from both devices. I also tested DL speeds from my laptop connected directly to the LAN port on the Max Transit 5G and WiFi disabled on my laptop. Sam results, 101-130 Mbps…

But, sitting right next to the Max Transit 5G, running the exact same, selecting the exact same Speedtest Server (School District of Philadelphia), from my Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G on 5G cellular only (WiFi disabled) and my phone showing 5G in the top right corner… My phone gets 335-355 Mbps download speed.

Trying to find out why my Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G gets consistent 325-365Mbps 5G download speeds and the Max Transit 5G, same cell carrier, gets 1/3rd the download speed, all else being equal.

Any insights? Is the Max Transit 5G not capable of these speeds? Are there settings I need to adjust ? Thanks in advance.

Looking at the Datasheet, it says 5G Cellular 4Gbps Download / 700Mbps Upload so it doesn’t seem that the limitation…

This is Speedtest on my Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G TMobile sitting 1’ away from my Max Transit 5G with TMobile SIM that says connected 5G band n71

That’s for the cellular module. The routing hardware in the Transit tops out at 400Mbps of throughput.

It doesn’t explain why there is such a difference between the phone and the Transit though. Both are using CAT20 modems with the same frequency band support.

Network prioritisation perhaps? Or the kickass snapdragon 865?

Idk but it makes zero sense to me…kinda frustrsting…

Put my phone in service mode and checked 5G band…both my phone and Max Transit connected to same n41 band…same signal strength

What signal levels do you have with the stick antennas in? Is there much noise?

I’m gonna screw them back on…have the Poynting connected right now

Ok here my phone holding it 4" from Max Transit 5G

And here the Max Transit 5G

Your phone supports 5g SA, “true 5g”

Pelink MaxTransit is 5g NSA.

Could be your phone is accessing 5g SA…just speculation.

Just another data point for you. I have a Max Transit Cat 18 and no matter how many bands I’m connected to, I max out at 160 as well (130 if I have remote assistance enabled). I’ve always thought… the device is rated for 400Mbps… combine that with the features I have enabled… I think the real world max throughput is 160. The CPU goes to 100% as my device approaches 160, so to me it appears to be a CPU horsepower issue. Might want to look at your CPU on the peplink when your connection is maxed out.

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Hmm… ok ill look at that. If thats the case thats really disappointing… I was testing this SIM in a different 5G router and was getting over 400Mbps…

Sorry to bring this topic back up again. I tested the MAX Transit 5G and i’m only able to achieve max. 130 MBit/s, even through the iPhone can achieve 800 MBit/s at the same location.

Both devices are connected to 5G NSA 3500MHz with -100dbm RSRP - it looks like the CPU is limiting here as well.
If the router is advertised for 400 MBit/s, is there any chance to achieve these throughput speeds? Otherwise, 5G doesn’t really make sense, since I can also achieve these speeds via LTE.

I already tried updating the cellular module firmware and using FW 8.1.3 or FW 8.2.0

Thats the most youre going to get. Limitation of the device after extensive testing, support tickets witih Peplink and my distributor Frontier. Frontier support agreed with me and said “This to me is a marketing and documentation fault, and is something they really needs to address.” And here is what Peplink said and closed my ticket “They pointed to the disclaimer at the bottom of the page noting the 400Mbps router throughput is based on using the wired ethernet WAN.” Peplink also stated in the support ticket that the 5G modem is connected via USB to the router… The USB interface results in higher CPU utilization than the wired ports. They said the wired ports are what are used to test the routers throughput…. They said with the USB connection and CPU utilization, the cellular throughput should be maxing out around the 140Mbps which is exactly what I get….

The router is NOT advertised for 400MBit/s on the 5G cellular modem I was told. I agree and made it very clear to them the specs are misleading but they refused a return and closed my ticket.


USB… really?! I though, at least Peplink wont use USB (2.0 ?) for their modems.
Btw: i just tested the ethernet WAN throughput… aaaand guess what: 200 mbps max. speed - thats still only 50% of the advertised speed for a device that is not cheap at all…