Max Transit 5G and T Mobile

I purchased a Max Transit 5G, and I have both an AT&T and TMobile post paid SIM card. The AT&T SIM works fine, but the TMobile SIM does not. The device sees it (displays the IMSI), but never connects or obtains an IP address. I have tried it in both slots. I have tested this with the APN on auto as well as manual with the T Mobile settings.

And when I put both SIM cards in, the device won’t connect to either network.

Any ideas?

Which TMO plan?



Try testing the TMo sim in a smart phone (iphone/android)… could help rule out the Peplink if you dont get data service on other hardware.

I’ve used multiple Tmobile business internet Sims in multiple Max Transit 5G with and without Tmobile static ip $5 option without issue. Works great

I did get a DOA cellular modem in a Max Transit 5G last month that Peplink quickly replaced but if that was your case AT&T sim wouldn’t be working I don’t think…

Turns out the SIM card was bad.