Max Transit 5G and T-mobile M2000 Inseego

I just purchased the Max Transit 5g. Searching through the community here I am finding that there are issues getting good speed with T-mobile’s 100GB 5G plan. I am having that issue. I get super up and down speeds using their Inseego M2000. When I move the sim card I’m getting barely any speed. I did contact T-mobile and gave them the IMEI number for the Max Transit 5g. That was two days ago. I still have the same issue. Another thing I can’t figure out is how to connect to the Inseego to the Peplink. I can connect everything but the Peplink. Any ideas on these issues?

I’m having this same.issue myself. Same SIM in an Inseego FG2000 gets me over 400Mbps but only 120Mbps in Max Transit 5G… also get over 400 in Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G…all on T-Mobile 5G SIM.

To rule out a Wi-Fi 5 vs Wi-Fi 6 you should test the Transit using an Ethernet cable and see what you get.

Actually, this does not surprise me at all. This is a T-Mobile branded Mi-Fi device and they will always prioritize their branded smartphones and devices on the network. As soon as you move the SIM card to a commercial router like the Peplink or other vendor they immediately see the new IMEI and it gets treated differently on their network. From their point of view 95% of their customers are using smartphones, tablets, and Mi-Fi’s so they always want to prioritize these devices and especially the speedtest app. Everyone wants to look like the fastest out there and it brings in more customers.

IMO some of their logic behind this is because the Mi-Fi device has lower power Wi-Fi that won’t go very far and only supports up to 30 devices and has no Ethernet port compared to a commercial router that has an Ethernet port that could feed switches and potentially hundreds or thousands of users. They don’t want that. This is just my educated guess based on the real-world side-by-side results you are seeing. The Transit covers the same 5G bands plus many more so that’s not it.

Since it has no Ethernet port the only way to connect it to the Transit would be via Wi-Fi as WAN.

This is not a Peplink issue but rather a carrier device vs commercial router issue.

In my case, all devices (except Galaxy S20) are tested aide by side with a lan cable into a laptop. The FG2000 I tested that gets 400-500Mbps supports 128 devices…