Max Transit 4G (Cat 18) and T-Mobile

I recently deployed about 20 Max Transits on Tmobile and am having trouble using Wi-FI. I can remote in with Remote Web Admin and the device shows connected to the Tmobile network – WiFi users can connect but cant get to the internet ?

All 20 are having the same issue? What settings did you change from the default?

@Charles_Ash, Are you sure the devices are actually connecting to the T-Mobile network?
I tried 4 different T-mobile postpaid SIM cards at the end of August 2021, with a Transit Cat-18, and none would actually ever connect to the network.

I don’t have a Cat-18 on hand to test with at the moment, otherwise I would be happy to find out if T-Mobile was going to work with the device finally. I have been forced to swap out some SIM cards to other carriers due to this.

First question - Is the cellular light flashing on the device? Ignore the WIFI light if it might be flashing. Peplink | Pepwave - Forum

Secondary link to original thread bringing up Cat-18/T-Mobile issue - Max Transit Cat-18 not working on T-Mobile

Thanks for your response — I was trying to use IP passthrough for the Lan port and that was the issue. Once I changed that setting — WiFi browsing started working.

Thanks — yes it was a setting. Having IP passthrough turned on was the issue. I’m going to have to use port forwarding to use the Lan port to connect to the camera DVRs on the bus.

The plans you have all come with public static IPs?

Yes — im thinking I can set a port forwarding rule to connect to the camera DVRs on the lan

Is there a cloud service? Could be more secure than opening up ports and allowing direct access. Best option might be setting up VPN / Speedfusion VPN and entering in that way. Technically you would not need a static IP/public ports open since the Peplink can dial out into a central hub. Could save money since some carriers charge $500 per static plus on-going monthly fees.