Max throughput speed not bandwidth usage


I have the balance 30 and I’m very pleased with it.

I have two requests, one of which I’m sure is on your roadmap, the other, I think would be a great addition.

  1. ipv6 (which is probably on your roadmap)

  2. displaying not the total amount of bandwidth used (the number of gigabytes per day), which is not why I have a balance 30, but what the maximum/average throughput (mbps through the day). I need to know if my users are saturating my links at any point in the day, and to what degree. This is much more interesting that how much data has been transfered aggregately over the course of a given time period.


Hi William,

Yes, IPv6 support is on the way and should be out by years end.

As you know, the Balance already keeps track of each clients total bandwidth used. Your feature request for historical throughput data is acknowledged.