MAX System integration

Hi everyone,

I’m working on a project involving MAX routers and I’m thinking about putting some kind of integration between my hardware and software
I.e. my windows video management software sends queries the MAX router to find current SF VPN throughtput and adjusts the outgoing streaming video data rate to suit

I’m aware of the CLI SSH interface and document Pepwave have produced for this and tried sending commands at the router via PuTTY, has anyone else done something similar?
is it better to use the another interface?

Go easy on me, I’m a hardware engineer so not terribly knowledgably about software issues

thanks guys


You cannot view the SpeedFusion throughput via SSH CLI. However, you can get the SpeedFusion existing throughput via SNMP. But the value is just about existing traffic, not the maximum throughput of the tunnel. If you need the maximum throughput value, you need to run PepVPN Test in Web Admin.