Max routers wifi wan authentication with username and password

Dear Support,
Our customer has installed the HD4 on a yacht in a major shipowner.
The HD4 works correctly, but when the yatch arrives at Marina the HD4 cannot connect to the Wifi of the Port, because it needs to have an username and a password to connect .

This type of authentication is present in most marinas.

Is it possible to introduce this type of authentication in WiFi WAN on Max Mobile Routers in the next release?

it’s very important.

thank you for your support

Regards Antonio


As far as auto captive portal login. So far that the Surf-On-The-Go supports auto captive portal login using the WISPr protocol. Will check with engineering to see if this is currently on the road map for other products.

Hi Jarid, thanks for your answer.
I hope that you can introduce this feature on Max Router Mobile.
There are different our customer, who are installing the Max HD2 and Max HD4 on yatch, they complain about the lack of this feature.

thanks for support