MAX Router Feature Request: GPS Coordinates in SNMP


It would be nice to have the current GPS coordinates accessible via SNMP so that monitoring applications (SolarWinds, etc) can pull that information.


@mweiss, we already support forwarding of the realtime GPS data to external addresses for use with your own application:


Yes, I’m aware. However, that requires opening ports on the monitoring application side, making sure it can even listen for the data being sent and running translations so that it can read the pushes (ie- separating lat and long values, etc). If the values were recorded in the MIB database it could be easily pulled into a monitoring application and manipulated from there.



Did someone try to import the NMEA flow into a monitoring application ? I’d like to use the GPS coordinates and make them work with PRTG’s geo map.

More generally, can you tell me a few tips on how to use the NMEA flow into a 3rd party application ?

Like OP said, GPS coordinates accessible via SNMP would have been great…

Thanks in advance.


Can anyone help ? That would be appreciate.


In the new firmware version 7.0 you can now forward the GPS data as a Broadcast or Unicast traffic. Maybe this would work for you?



I honestly haven’t tried. It seems like reinventing the wheel trying to get a monitoring app to receive the GPS data vs just pulling it out of SNMP.

Is there a significant technical reason to not adding the GPS info to the mib tables?