MAX router behind proxy & router utility mobile app

I have some MAX BR1’s in moving vehicles in the wild using LTE for connectivity. In some countries they have a public IP, in some other countries they can’t so they have unaccessible private IP’s.
I can access to the configuration of any MAX using InControl, which is a great feature. But, I can only use the router utility mobile app with the router exposing their IP publicly.

Is there a way to use the “InControl tunnel” with the Router Utility? This way I would be able to connect those without public IP’s.

I am particularyl interested in getting the push events from these routers to my mobile phone. Is there a way to do it?

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If your device is accessing the internet via a private IP adress, chances are InControl 2 will be your only possiblity.
It isn’t possible to remotely access a device with a private IP adress, because it’s behind your ISP’s firewall.
Since InControl 2 uses standard HTTPS port 443, this will get through almost any firewall.

Peplink is currently testing an InControl iOS app (beta, Android will follow later).
Maybe this would be the solution to this problem:

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Thank for the news: InControl for mobile is indeed very interesting!

Anyway, do you think it is possible to push device events to the current mobile app when they are behind the ISP’s firewall?

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I’m afraid not, since they are not remotely accessable via IP.
Chances are that you won’t be able to reach it with a mobile app either.

@TK_Liew, do you know if there’s any workaround for this case when working with private IP adresses?

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Hello @leyonel,
The Max BR1 is certainly capable of getting around most ISP firewalls when you are within there private IP address range, we have done it here in Australia previously using the router SpeedFusion setup from within InControl2 (one of the routers used was triple NATed with no port forwarding or firewall rules being amended) and still worked with the VPN).

Have you considered having the MAX BR1s using the PepVPN/SpeedFusion to give you a private international roaming VPN to access the deices and those clients on the devices network?

Through InControl2 there is excellent management available of Peplink products currently via your web browser, you also can setup and monitor the VPNs here using SpeedFusion.

If you need some assistance in setting up the PepVPN or SpeedFusion, there are many suitable experts within the Peplink Community, you can ask Peplink though the Support page to put you in touch with your local expert to help.

On the tests that are currently been conducted on the new Peplink InControl2 App (in development), you can:

  • navigate between organisations you are approved to access
  • navigate between organisational groups you are approved to access
  • See total devices in a organisation/group and quanty online/offline
  • See the total number of clients connected within an organisation/group
  • Within the group see the group event log
  • Within the device you can:
    see the status,
    access the device log,
    details on the clients connected,
    enable remote assistance,
    turn on/off the device WLAN,
    reboot the device

More features will follow, though it important that these are carefully tested before releasing, Peplink are cautious with release so to protect existing systems and service while enhancing those existing systems serves as best possible.

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

Thanks for the advice. Speedfusion is very interesting for many things, I will surely use it in the future.
But If I want to directly access my devices from a mobile, that would require to connect my mobile to the same VPN, which is a bit complicated in my opinion.

I think the effective way to access the BR1s (with private) is using Remote Web Admin from InContol2 (you are doing this at the moment) or via SpeedFusion tunnel (suggestion from @mldowling).

Direct access to the device with private IP (cellular WAN) is nearly impossible.


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