MAX Roters add Geo-fencing capability

It would be a great addition to the MAX line of cellular routers to have the ability to setup alerts through geo-fencing. It would need to have the ability to turn the geo fence notifications on and off through the Peplink Router Utility app or through the GUI of the router. We are in South Florida and the boating market is larger here than anywhere in the US. Having the ability to deploy a MAX router on virtually any sized vessel and allow the end user the ability to receive alerts if the vessel is moved outside of a pre-defined area would be a huge selling point. Currently the only real solution in the market is from a company called “GOST” and their systems are upwards of $1200.00 without installation, plus they charge a monthly fee based on how many notifications or updates you wish to receive. Another excellent application would be the vehicle market. A user could park their vehicle in it’s normal area, simply open the Router Utility app, turn on geo fence notifications and now the vehicle is secure. If the vehicle is stolen (or towed) the end user would be alerted right away. I’m sure there are other applications that this could be useful for as well.

This is on our roadmap with low priority. We are noted with this request.

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Another way of activating the geo-fence could be via Mac address e.g. list of approved Mac address for an organisation is stored on the device and/or in IC2 and if the device moves and one of those Mac address are not connected to the device, emails and other notifications take place.
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Has this request been actioned on the roadmap yet? Not just the boat market but fishing, logistics and even personal security in private vehicles would benefit from this feature. Any vehicle leaving a preconfigured route or entering a restricted or dangerous area should receive an alert. Here in Brazil this is being built in to apps like Waze because of incidents where cars wandered into gang controlled areas and were attacked. The potential market is huge.

Hi tonypmi,

Yes, this feature has been implemented into InControl 2 recently.

After logging into InControl 2, go to one of your groups.
Hover your mouse on ‘Settings’, and click on ‘Geo-fencing’.

Check out this forum post by @Erik_deBie:

This should give you all the information you need about this feature.