Max Port Forwarding

I have an application with 4 servers behind a Max that we need to talk SSH and FTP to each of them, which seems to be a port forwarding solution.

In the simple case that I have now, in trying to connect to a LAN side server behind the Max @ at SSH port 22 from the WAN side with a SSH client set for port 23. It fails.

I have both sides here so:

The max has been set to the 192.168.1.XXX subnet ssh port is working on the LAN
The servers can ping outside of the LAN through the WAN connection.
The IP of the WAN modem is reachable (i can get the admin web pages through the WAN)
I can do both telnet and ssh from the internet connection for the computer trying to reach the servers.
I have one port forward rule set up to map both WAN and Cell ports (and i have tried each individuality) TCP protocol port 23 (telnet) to port 22 (SSH)
The firewall is fully open, no rules.

What else am I missing?


Look like you are looking for Port Mapping as below. Do correct if I am wrong.

Server (Tcp 22) <— Max router (Tcp 23) <— Internet <— (Tcp 23) User

You may configure this at Advanced > Port Forwarding > Add Service > Port > Port Mapping.

Please refer here to learn how to configure Port Mapping.