Max OTG USB Router | 4 USB Modems


Has anyone experienced issues with more than 2 modems in the peplink OTG max usb router? I tried to connect 4 Novatel 730L and the router wouldn’t recognize the 4th modem and when it did it fell offline when i started streaming a youtube page. I even tried to configure to failover from 2 to 3 to 4 @ 21GB of data usage ? I have the most up to date firmware but I wanted to see what everyone else had gotten ?



Found that you have opened a support ticket for this. Support team will follow up with you for the issue. Troubleshooting USB dongle issue are difficult as it’s also involved of different hardware/software revision for the USB dongle. Support team may need to check from the device to confirm the issue.


We have found the issue to b with the firmware of the peplink router. It works a little better with the 551L but not with the 730L. When you connect the 4 modems they drop offline and I was only able to get 3 - 551L modems to connect. Do you think this router will be revised by your firmware team ?



Support team will contact you shortly via the created ticket. Possible please make sure the MOTG device is online with 1 USB dongle first before you requested to connect more USB to the MOTG device.