MAX-OTG-U4 with Fixed IP from Sprint Netgear 341U modem

I have a max-otg-u4 with a Netgear 341U modem utilizing sprint with a fixed ip address. I can get the fixed ip address from spring when plugging the modem directly to a pc. However, when I use the same settings on the netgear modem and plug it into the max-otg I get a message on the dashboard that says the wan connection failed the health check. The details of the wan connection also indicate that the modem is receiving a local ip from the max-otg. Can anyone offer suggestions on how to setup the max-otg or the netgear modem to accept the fixed ip connection? Thank you.


Believe you want grab public IP from ISP after Netgear 341U connected to MOTG. If this is true, please help to perform steps below:-

  1. Upgrade to this firmware -

  2. To use the modem in IP Passthrough Through mode, please switch off Auto Connect through modem admin page.

  • Go to modem admin page > Settings -> Network -> Auto Connect -> Never

Hope this help.

TK Liew,

That worked perfectly. Thank you for the quick and accurate response!!! Much appreciated.