MAX-OTG-U4-SF Bonding support?

Can we use speedfusion with bandwidth bonding with MAX-OTG-U4-SF?

Hi @patrickz,

Unfortunatly, MAX-OTG-U4-SF only supports SpeedFusion Hot Failover and WAN Smoothing.
SpeedFusion Bandwidth Bonding is not supported.

Please find the most recent MAX On-The-Go/MAX 700 datasheet here:
Pepwave MAX On-The-Go MAX 700 Datasheet.pdf (1.9 MB)

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I would like to confirm
I have peplink 380 and use with MAX-OTG-U4-SF. It support for Bandwidth bonding?
I notice info on website said it not support or support but need connect to peplink?

Thank you.

Please refer to Peplink Website for the latest and most accurate info.